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  • Hello and Welcome

    Hello and Welcome

     Hello and Welcome These introduction things are always hard, I never know what to say, I never know the tone to take and it takes me forever to write a draft that I am comfortable with, yet here I am trying to figure out what to say or how to say it. What I will […]

  • This photoshoot saved my life….

    This photoshoot saved my life….

    Ok well that’s a bit of a dramatic stretch. It didn’t save my life but it saved my love for photography. Flashback to Jan 9th 2022 – As we were both laying on the grass at the Animal Flower Cave here in Barbados, me camera in hand and her looking like a supermodel, Shanice (one […]

  • Improvise, adapt, overcome.

    Improvise, adapt, overcome.

    Improvise, adapt, overcome is the motto of the US Marine Corps. Am I saying that I’m a marine? Of course not. Did I have to improvise, adapt and overcome in this story? Yes! Well, sort of.  Story time. I showed up at my client’s house after driving through pouring rain, fully ready to shoot their […]

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